Frozen Charlotte – Alex Bell Review

I recently bought all 8 books in the Zoella Book Club Autumn 2016 and instead of doing an overall post of all the books in this collection, I’ve decided to do an individual post for each book to really tell you what I think about it. The first one I read was called Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell.

I’ve never really read a book under the horror genre before as I have never been into scary books and I definitely don’t enjoy scary movies. I was pleasantly surprised when although the plot was creepy, it did’t scare me and has got me into more of this genre. Because of this, I would also recommend this book to those who are usually not into scarier books as this was very gripping!


The protagonist of the story is called Sophie and she goes to stay with her cousins for a few weeks in the summer holidays, who she has only met once in her life. Her cousins family have a strange background with one of her cousins, Rebecca, having died and the rest of the family members being traumatized. Sophie believes that the house is haunted by a collection of Frozen Charlotte dolls that keep making noises as the house used to be an old School before being shut down for no reason. Before she went to visit her cousins, she played with an Ouija Board (ikr, once one of those is involved it gets real serious) and she thought she had spoken with Rebecca.

The other characters in the story are Sophie’s cousins; Lilias, Cameron and Piper as well as Uncle James and Sophies best friend Jay. My favorite character was Lilias, who was Sophie’s younger cousin because at first she was very shy and reserved but once she became closer with Sophie, she was a very sweet and caring character. There were also lots of plot twists that I personally wasn’t expecting and that was what kept the story gripping as well as the fact that the plot was quite creepy.

I would have to say that I’m quite a scaredy cat when it comes to scary stuff but this never kept me up at night or really creeped me out. There was nothing that I personally disliked about the book and I thought that it was written very well and would recommend it to anybody, whether they have read scarier books before or not.


Rating: 8/10


Have you read this book before? What did you think?

Would you like to read it?

What books would you recommend?





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