Northern Lights: Lush Review

There isn’t a better feeling than running yourself a nice hot bath after a day of traveling and being able to relax, whilst hearing the rain outside. This was me yesterday and I decided to try out my Northern Lights bath bomb, which I have recently bought. In case you didn’t know, I’m super obsessed with lush and there aren’t many bath bombs I haven’t tried from there so when I went in last week and saw some new christmas ones, of course I bought a few.


The only reason I picked northern lights up was because one of the staff recommended it to me and I thought, why not try some new bath bombs? 🙂

The bath looked pretty cool as it fizzed and I loved the smell of it, which was quite fresh whereas most Christmas bath bombs are quite sweet. I honestly don’t know how to describe the smell of it but it was very, very similar to the Christmas Eve bubble bar, also from Lush.


Each side brought out the blue and yellow colors, along with the purple of the body but I should have guessed at the time that yellow and blue makes green because when I did get in the bath, the water was an ugly green color.


Of course, bath bombs are cool when you see all the cool colors fizzing out but in my opinion, the color left should be appealing to have a bath in. I think that was the only downside to this bath bomb and because of it, I probably won’t buy it again although it was nice to try a new bath bomb. 🙂



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