Panic! At The Disco- Concert Experience


Holy Moly. I’ve been a fan of Panic! for a while now and this concert had one of the best atmospheres ever. I saw them in Munich 7/11/16 and I had such an amazing experience and the venue was so great that we could see super well and aw wow.

I took loads of cool videos but of course, its pretty hard to show them here so I’m just gonna show some of my pictures. I wish you could see how great the atmosphere was with everybody having an amazing time and screaming all of the words. First of all, not gonna like I prefer their new songs and album to their older ones but dayuuumm every single song he sung was perfect!!


We arrived about an hour before doors were due to open and there were so many people and dedicated fans queueing so we just accepted the fact that we would be near the back. This was fine because we had another concert the next night and it was a school night so it would be nice to chill. The venue turned out to be amazing because we were so close and the venue was the perfect size for us to see and that really added to the experience.

Now i’ve been to a fair few concerts in my time and I’ve never seen Panic! before and I know I keep going on about this but it was probably one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever witnessed. My favorite songs that he played were Nine in the Afternoon, Emperors New Clothes and Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time.


It was the song Emperors New Clothes that really got me into Panic! and so it was amazing to have the chance to see it. I would honestly recommend anybody to go see a Panic! show because lets be real, Brendan is gorgeous, he hit so so so many high notes, he was shirtless  for the concert, the atmosphere was bomb and I had an absolute blast.



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