Twenty One Pilots- Concert Experience



So the day after I saw Panic!, I went to see Twenty One Pilots 8/11/16 (IKR, two concerts in two days AND on a school night? hahah). The venue was absolutely massive but it was fine, we were planning on chilling and we were pretty far back but had such am amazing time because I love them so so so much.

I really didn’t take many good pictures so I screenshotted some from videos so I’m really sorry if they aren’t good quality. So as I said, we were quite far back but I could see super well and we were right by their second, center stage that they come to for some songs (if that makes sense, its like a little stage in the middle of the crowd they come to for part of the show). Anyway, security pushed us and put a barrier right by me in the middle of the show and formed a pathway, JOSH AND TYLER WALKED DOWN THIS PATH THAT I WAS RIGHT ON THE BARRIER FOR TO GET TO THE SECOND STAGE AND I WAS 1M AWAY FROM THEM. This was something I honestly wasn’t expecting bc we were chilling near the back and them BAM THERE THEY WERE. Sorry, I’m still not over this and I have the video on my insta if you wanna check it out ahaha. So out of like 6,000 people that were there, I was one of the twenty on the barrier when they walked past, crazy right?

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 7.50.52 PM.png

Okay but I loved how inclusive they were with the whole crowd because it was such a big venue but even at the back, everyone was having a good time. I loved how everybody seemed to know the words to all of their songs and they played loads of songs from their old album (vessel), which was also amazing because that’s my favorite album.

There were so many surprises and I can honestly say that they planned out the whole show extremely well and it nearly lasted 2 hours, which is nothing to complain about. I just really think that that put on such a great show and it was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to EVER! And I am so grateful that I had the chance to go wow.


My favorite songs that they played were Kitchen Sink, Car Radio and We Don’t Believe What’s On TV.



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