If I Was Your Girl – Meredith Russo Review

Wow what a powerful and relevant book. If I was your girl tells the story of  Amanda, previously Andrew, a transgender teen who has moved to a new school to try and start fresh as a female. This is a topic that I feel is very relevant in the world today but yet a topic that I knew pretty much nothing about. I found this book eyeopening overall and would really recommend it to anybody.


While I learnt a lot and found the topic very interesting, the story itself was good but didn’t grip me. I really liked the characters, which mainly consisted of Amanda, Amanda’s group of 3 girls at her new girl, Grant, Parker , Bee, and Amanda’s dad.

Amanda starts a new school, and moves to live in a new state with her dad as her parents are divorced. When she arrives everybody takes a huge liking to her, mostly for the fact that she is clearly very pretty. A lot of guys take interest in her, especially one popular boy names Grant. It is very hard for Amanda to nearly have a boyfriend and many friends who don’t know her secret as she feels as though she is always trying to hid it. There are a few little plot twists as people turn against her and dilemmas occur but it really was eyeopening and interesting to read about the topic more than the plot.

Because of this, I would recommend you to read this book because the topic of transgender teens is a very big and relevant one. The story was a little dry for me but was a very easy read and I can say that I enjoyed it.




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