Mistletoe: Lush Review

Baths and Lush are my favorite things so of course I’m back with another Lush Review. This one is also a brand new bath bomb that I’ve never tried before. I’m not gonna lie, the main reason I bought this was because it looked cool and it was a little more expensive than the other bath bombs so I just assumed that this was because it was really good haha.


I have to be honest, I wasn’t keen on the smell of this bath bomb in the shop of before I put it in the bath, but it was weird because once it had fizzed I really enjoyed the scent. The colors were really beautiful and kind of reminded me of one of my favorite bath bombs, twilight, because of the pastel pink and blue.


It was really quick to fizz, which was surprising considering the size and I’m not really sure if this is a good or bad thing, just an observation haha. Of course, it left my skin feeling super soft but all lush bath bombs do and I loved how the blue and pink complimented each other.


Idk, I just think having a pink bath is really cool and I like the color it left the bath because it made me feel angelic, not really sure why. It is a little disappointing that this bath bomb is a little more expensive, about £4.50, but I think I would buy it again and I really enjoyed it overall.




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