A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness Review

This was a book that I knew absolutely nothing about before reading it. It is a part of the Zoella Book Club Autumn Collection and when she talked about it, she said it was very hard to say anything about the plot without giving anything away.


Out of all the books I had to read, I chose this one because I thought the cover was nice (I know, I judged the book by its cover) but I think that it is important for a book to look nice as well as be nice to read haha.

So, the plot and what I thought about it, I have to say it was one of my favorite books I’ve read recently because it was so different and magical and beautiful. Its basically about a boy in England around 12-13 years old, called Conor, and his mum is very ill. Its just those two living at home and its hard for Conor to live with his very sick mum, whilst still having to go to school and do most of the housework for her. Long story short, as the mum gets more ill, Conor must go and live with his grandma, whom he hates. All the while he is having a really bad dream and and a monster comes to visit him in the night to tell him stories to help him learn.

I can’t really say much more without spoiling anything but Conor is also having some trouble in school and so his mums illness is really affecting his life overall. I think I liked this book because of how different it was. All the books I’ve read have had a basic plot with a dilemma to solve but this book was magical in a sad way and was so so so different from anything I’ve read before. I wish I could describe this better but the use of adjectives and imagery in this book were unreal and it was an easy read overall.

Pleeeaaasssee go and read it because you will have never read anything like it ever 🙂



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  1. I really want to get this book after seeing the movie trailer but the last book club I was a little disappointed with the books I picked. Probably not my kind of book! This one definietly sounds like a deep and thoughtful read. Might try and get my hands on it.

    Happy Blogging X

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