Tom Odell- Concert Experience


Helloooo I’m finally back 🙂 Sorry I’ve been pretty busy but I have been to yet another concert so I thought I’d share this experience with you. I saw Tom Odell last night     wooooo.

If you don’t know who he is, his most known song is Another Love but you should all go and check him out because he’s super talented with a gorgeous voice AND he plays the piano 😉


The concert went on for a very long time because he has two support acts, and then he played his set that lasted nearly two hours. So after arriving at the venue at around 7pm, it finished at 11:30pm so its safe to say we got out money’s worth of music.

The first support act (The Beach?) was quite slow and he seemed nervous so although he was good, he never really got the crowd going. The next support act was called Jane’s Party and wow they got the atmosphere going, their songs were upbeat and catchy, and their overall vibe was so cool.


Finally when Tom came on, the crowd really came to life as he played his piano and hit all the high notes. At most concerts I’ve been to, the audience screams the lyrics along with the artist but here, everybody just watched in awe and let him do his thing. It really was mesmerizing along with the lighting, his piano, and the rest of his band.

I thought his songs were going to be very chill, like on most of the album where it is just him and his piano but the band brought something new and made it upbeat and got everybody dancing.


We arrived around half an hour before doors opened and we were lucky enough to be really close and I was just so awe-struck with him as my friend and I have been obsessing over him for a while.

There were so many songs that sounded amazing live and my favorites were Somehow, Another Love and Here I Am.

I had such a good night and I would love the opportunity to see him again soon, he was so funny talking to the audience and seeing him live made me realize how talented he really is.




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