Disney World: What I Bought

Here I am back with another Disney World post!! I thought I would discuss some of the things that I purchased whilst there. I do have to admit, this isn’t a very big haul and most of it was food because of our left over snack credits (from the disney dining plan). But yeah regardless here we gooooo.

When we visited Disney World during January, we were given a free $200 giftcard from Disney that was included with our package. So I’m going to start with what I bought with that. Originally I was so tempted to buy Minnie Ears but something changed my mind and when I saw this cap, I fell in love with it. I think what made me decide to buy it was the fact that I could wear it outside of Disney World and feel totally normal and I thought I would get much funnier looks wearing Minnie ears anywhere 😉


Yeeesss its a monsters university cap!! This cost around $23, which arguably is pretty expensive but not when you have a free gift card! And here are some pictures of me wearing it around the park, whilst subtly cropping my family out

With the rest of money from my gift card, I bought a teddy but I was in conflict between a few characters but I decided to go with my original idea of the alien from Toy Story. My other choices were eeyore, simba and dug. This cost around $25.


I was also given $12 for Christmas off my aunt and I had absolutely no idea what to spend this on. This was mostly because of how expensive everything was but I managed to find this pin from Up, even though I still don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I know you can collect the pins but this was the only one that I bought. This was $10 I believe.


Even though we were there right after Christmas, there are Christmas shops in Disney that are open all year round!! My family decided to buy a Christmas decoration of the hotel we were staying at because it looked so pretty and we thought it was a good idea.


I also thought that I would include something that my brother bought because I think is really cool. All throughout the Disney parks you can find coin machines that turn your 5 cent coin into a picture (I really don’t know how else to describe it) and he has collected these coins anyway over the years but we got so many while we were here that he bought this book to put them all in. I just thought it was a really nice idea and now he can see all of the coins he has got from the places he has travelled.


Before getting onto some of the food that we bought back, I thought I would share some of the little things that we got from Disney/ needed. Of courrrssseeee this is my magic band and my refillable mug. I know that you can pay for the mugs but ours were included in out package and it means that you can get free refillable drinks from your hotel whenever you want! (I’m drinking from my mug whilst writing this :))))

And of course my first time badge!!!


For the food, we got so many packets of the Goofy candy but these sour gummi worms were my absolute favorite.


And of course some cookies and biscuits :)) The man at the till actually found it funny that we had come all the way to America and were brining back shortcake, which is from where we are from hahaha.

And of course so many huge lollipops!!!

Of course we bought back much more food but these were my favorite things that we bought.

I also wanted to show you something crazy nice that Disney did for me when my Winnie the Pooh teddy got lost. The cleaner accidentally took it in with the washing on one of our last days and whilst they were finding it, they bought me a new one and they did manage to find my old one!! So I got one for free, which was so nice of them.



Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time!

xx Hannah


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